Perqs of City Living

Little Sir and I now live in the city. Our town was about 3000 people. We now live in a city of 300,000.

I loved the forest. It is beautiful and I am so glad for the years I got to live there. I never once took it for granted. But. It started to wear on me. I was ready to live closer to…services, stores, people. I was ready to live in a house people could find without motion sickness pills and a two hour drive. To live where a winter storm isn’t likely to leave you housebound for three days due to mudslides and road closures. I wanted to go to a movie and not have it take the whole day after including travel time. I wanted to live where I could have the good internet.

Here are some perqs of our city life:

Food Delivery: I had take-out. Delivered. In the forest, I lived too far for delivery– unless you count the UPS guy who often got lost. Here, I came down with a cold that turned into a sinus infection. I longed for hot and sour soup. And with a phone call and $3.00 delivery charge, it came right to my door. Ahhh…

Convenience: I accomplished several errands in less than an hour. In the forest, an hour is what it took to just get to any place necessary.

Technology: I have cable and internet. I’ve already enjoyed the privilege of shutting off the TV because “there is nothing to watch.” The cable guy thought my time of being disconnected was wonderful until he heard it had been 6 years. I knew all the free wi-fi places anywhere near the forest and now it’s right inside my house (not free, but fab nonetheless).

I have radio stations. Those trees are pretty, but they don’t let much in. Little Sir heard music and then announcements and wanted to know what kind of song I bought that had all that talking. I feel so fancy.

People: I have neighbors. In the literal sense, not just in the Biblical sense.

I have curtains. And they are not simply decorative.  I have to lock the doors.  I refer to the porch as Fort Knox (SIX locks to get in). I have to be sure the car windows are up and the doors locked– and not because of raccoons.

I don’t know that I can say delivery services and cable make up for the lack of scenery, but they certainly have their advantages. And I like it.