Pura Vida, cinco

Vista de Cartago.

Because I blogged so much about Costa Rica before I left, it seemed kinda WRONG to not blog about my most recent trip.

It was amazing.

When I came back from Costa Rica the very first time, on my very first day back to work I asked a colleague “Do I look different on the outside? Because I am totally different on the inside.”


This recent trip wasn’t so much life changing. It was life renewing. Life affirming.

It wasn’t an “aha” experience as much as an “oh, I remember now” experience.

God is good. All the time.

There were so many things different and yet so much the same this time around. The people I traveled with and worked with were completely different. And yet the fun and support and quick friendships you can’t quite explain were the same. I never knew Costa Rica made rum and this time I tasted more than my fair share.

I did not go to one protestant church the whole time I was there. But I went to four Catholic ones. And I was crushed by faith. Just like before.

I didn’t get to see many of my old Tico friends, but I made many new ones. Still so generous, I almost wince with the kindness.

And on the inside? I feel different too. I felt a bit like a prodigal daughter this time. I left Costa Rica in 2006 in such fine shape. And I returned in 2013 a bit bruised from all that has gone on. And Costa Rica’s warm air and drenching rain embraced me. It’s staggering beauty soothed me. It’s volcanoes humbled my complaints to silence.

The faith and love

I saw,


received and


(and hopefully, gave)

bound my wounds.

Kissed my cheek in greeting and farewell.

And pressed into my palms, into my soul Pura Vida.