Pura Vida, Otra Vez

Volcan Poas

When I married my husband and our new family was able to organize a church service trip to Costa Rica, it felt Divine.

Bringing the loves of my life together: my new husband, daughter and new step son (as well as a team of service-minded youth) to this place that meant so much to me. To this place that not just stirred my soul, but kissed it whole was a beautiful moment. I wanted them to feel it and I wanted Costa Rica to see what it had helped me grow into: the ability to love again, the ability to embrace life without cringing.

It was a full circle moment as an old love met new loves and we all loved each other.

Life has continued to move along (as it has a habit of doing). I have not been back to Costa Rica since 2006. My passport expired. I am nearly divorced. And not a step mom. Gorgeous Gal is in college. Little Sir is here and knows nothing of this old love affair of mine. So much is different.

I lost that wholeness along the way. And it was much longer before I even noticed.

A couple of months ago I started a new job. And my prayer has been for God to lead and bless this new life I’m forging with just Little Sir and I. There are days when I’m sure those blessings are flowing and others when I feel adrift.

And then there was an email about a professional fellowship available. Only 12 applicants would be selected. For two weeks. And it was ridiculous to even apply.

But it was Costa Rica.

Of course.

And I am going. I am amazed and grateful. It feels like the wreath of roses after a long grueling race. And there will be other races. I know. And I’m fine with that.

But this trip feels like a hug from God with a promise that my life may not be filled with the kind of love I always planned. But it will be filled with love.

And soon that love will be in the form of gallo pinto, daily rainstorms and most of all… pura vida.