RBF and Other Faces

So, have you heard of RBF?

Resting Bitch Face.

It’s the condition of which someone’s natural, neutral expression makes them look irritated, aggravated or… bitchy.

This is a new tag for something we have all known exists. Do you have RBF?

Well, do people ask you “What’s wrong?” all the time?

And your answer is “Nothing. It’s just my face.” Then you probably have RBF.

I don’t have the R. I can totally pull off the BF, but I would said it is an “active” expression.

I seem to have RGGF and in school suffered from RNF.

RGGF- Resting Good Girl Face  

Evil lurks here.

Evil lurks here.

I don’t know if it is my coloring or features or a combination thereof, but I seem to be the person no one believes can be bad. My shaved head phase, dyed hair phase, atheist phase, and several tattoos can not seem to break this down. I recently saw an article where Reese Witherspoon is trying to convince people she is not a good girl (the DUI helped). Sandra Bullock went through the same thing. Meg Ryan (before the surgery) had this problem too.

I’m no Reese or Sandra or Meg, but I feel their predicament. I’ve had Grandmas (not mine) approach me in the store to pat my hand. I’ve been approached to be in commercials because I look trust-worthy and “all-American”.  It’s not that I want to be considered “bad”, but being considered the good girl all the time is so misleading and boring and – shocking though it may be- inaccurate.

RNF- Resting Nerd Face

Duh? Uh, no. (I don’t know why this is so skinny.)

I don’t know why, but I was always asked for notes or help or answers. I literally was failing a couple of classes and I would still get asked! As though my terrible grades were somehow wrong or intentional.

I think Bill Gates has this face. It just seems “I don’t know” could not come out of his mouth.

Thankfully, I seem to have outgrown this or people just know me better now.

One other face I know of, but do not have is RAF.

RAF- Resting Airhead Face

I know I do not have this because I was once cast in a play as an airhead and the director had to demonstrate it because I could not fathom how to make my features do it. And I had to wear a wig and special effect make up! But I have met people who have this face. It is a kind of attractive mixed with vacant that does it. Marilyn Monroe could do it, but there are other portraits where you can see it was an act.

Ashton Kutcher has this face. Even when he played Steve Jobs, I thought he looked in over his head and at any moment would break, put on a trucker’s cap and say “HAHA! Punked you!” (He used to do a show called Punked…)

I have met people with this face and then they speak intelligently or turn out very well read and I have to hide my surprise.

What face do you have?