Ready or Not, but I’m Ready

GE DIGITAL CAMERAWhenever I hear how fast parenting goes, I smile.

Whenever someone sees Little Sir and says “Wasn’t it just yesterday he was coming home from the hospital?”, I smile.

But inside, I’m thinking, I am a freak.

I have never felt this.

I believed people when they said to have fun with your kids and enjoy them. And I did. And I continue to enjoy them as they grow up.

And it did not feel like yesterday. Gorgeous Gal took approximately 132 years before she headed off to college.

And Little Sir is 5, but I am in my 40s and was there life before he was here?

I adored his baby smell and all his baby parts. And I loved holding him and singing to him and little baby outfits.  I enjoyed toddlerhood and even the tantrums made me laugh. I loved that sling I could carry him in and hearing him coo on the baby monitor. I loved watching him scoot to crawl and put the toddle in toddler.

And I will enjoy tomorrow as he heads off to kindergarten. Every bit of buying the backpack and uniforms and new box of crayons has been great. His excitement for everything he is going to learn and his love for the teacher he has yet to meet and every bit of it is a joy.

I don’t miss him being a baby because we are having too much fun with him being 5.

It didn’t seem fast and if I cry tomorrow, it will be with happiness as Little Sir and I move forward in this grand adventure.