Redwoods: A Rare Snow

LC_TheRoaringRedwoods_ep6-2(So much excitement this week! All episodes published on iBooks. Episodes 5 and 6 published on Amazon and Kobo too. And Episode 1 is now free! Episode 6 is free on Kobo and iBooks and hopefully Amazon will follow soon!)

I’ve been waiting for episodes 5 and 6 to go up for so long and have lots to say. But with Christmas approaching, I wanted to talk about #6- A Rare Snow.

I love the snow here. I call it decorative snow. Enough to marvel at, maybe play in for a bit and take pictures. And then it goes away. No shoveling. No drama.

I did something different with this episode too in that it covers only one week: Christmas Eve to New Year’s Eve, 1927. Each day is filled with some fun and of course, drama.

The story moves fast in this week. A lot happens in the week. Some storylines move faster in this one episode than I was sure about. So let me know what you think about that?

The story ends at midnight 1927. And we are seeing the end of 2014 approaching. I hope you go into 2015 with as much love and goodness and beauty as our characters in Redwoods.

Well, all the characters that didn’t get killed off anyway. 🙂