Redwoods: Is it just me?

You kCollectionOneebooknow how in your job or family or life you can get really excited about something and no one else really gets it?

So this may be one of those.

I’m putting Redwoods into book form and as a book, it will also be available in print.

So, it’s not a new story and if you’ve read the episodes, this all may make you shrug. But if you’re one of the folks messaging m e that you want a book– not episodes– well, HERE YOU GO!!!

But for me- it’s pretty cool. So the first five episodes will be in Collection One. The book will release this month. Collection Two will have the last five and be out in May.

Kalen O’Donnell revamped Episode 1 and Episode 6 covers for the books and I’m really pleased. If you’ve got space on your bookshelf or a reading friend…you know the drill.