Redwoods: Writer’s Confession #2

LC_TheRoaringRedwoods_ep9 copy

Episode 9 coming soon!

If you think this story is about you…

Do I write about you?


I change plenty of details so you can’t sue me for slander or royalties. And I may make the situation much worse or much milder, but yes.

Some of what happens is just a spark for a story, other events are too crazy to be believable (i.e.; truth is stranger than fiction). Other things I’m writing about as a sort of catharsis.

Some real life events and people are just too wonderful or funny or special or tragic to not be part of my writing.

As my life unfolds, I often say, “Well, it’s all material for the novels.”

For some thisnews is flattery.

For some, not so much.



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