Redwoods: Writer’s Confession

CollectionOneebookI have liked writing for so long that I can not remember NOT liking writing. It feels so natural to me that I am slightly shocked to find out that not everyone feels like I do about words and language.

But I was not encouraged to be a writer so it has not been a natural thing for me to actually write and be open about it.

I actually used to have to hide my books in the closet because my mother didn’t like me reading so much.  I’ll spare you the details because I all ready talked most of it out in therapy, but it’s been a lot of work to throw open the closet door and say proudly, I AM A WRITER.

So here are a few things that make writers unique. And by unique I mean odd. But I say odd in a way that has me throwing my arms around you saying: ME TOO! ME TOO!

1- We can be passionate about punctuation. Writers actually spend good amounts of time talking about semi colons, exclamation points, and the Oxford Comma. Me capitalizing the later shows I am PRO-Oxford. I’m ambivalent on semi colons because I am not sure how to use them and I am very judicious with my exclamation points.

2- We’re not perfect at everything to do with words. I am not a great copy editor and while I know a lot of grammar and respect it, I can also have some mis-steps. Some are in a rush of writing or even typos, but some– well, I just get wrong. I know the difference for its and it’s, but my typing brain often throws that apostrophe in there when it doesn’t belong. I know my their, there, and they’re, but it’s not like I’ve never put the wrong one in a sentence. The one I can not get is lay, lie, laid. I’ve had it explained to me and read articles on it and I still don’t get it. I also don’t get “por” and “para” in Spanish, but I’ll stick to one language at a time for this post.

3- We all like words, but we don’t like them all in the same way. I don’t really like word games like Scrabble. I don’t like crossword puzzles and never played Words with Friends. But I love games like Password and Taboo which emphasize language or a “play” on language more than word construction. I am not particularly competitive, but if you beat me in Scattergories…

4- We are always writers. It is not something you shut off. Snatches of dialogue that spark an idea, reading a book and editing it at the same time (or admiring its perfection), carrying a notebook to jot down sentences that pop into your head, taking a walk to allow your brain to work through the plot corner you’ve got yourself in… it never ends.

5- I don’t talk about it unless I know you get it. And I’d prefer you not ask me about it unless you get it. Writing for me is so personal and sensitive and precious, I prefer not to “go there” unless I believe you to be a safe person.

What about you? Are you a writer- what did I miss? What are you passionate about and the ways that passion makes you odd unique?