Roaring Redwoods: A Blessed Plague

(Episode 4 is available now on Amazon, Nook and Kobo!)

First off, of the 10 covers, this is one of my favorites. That wash of green Kalen did, is so weird and wonderful. I love Joe’s face in shadow like that too. In covers, you are supposed to evoke mood more than find exact replicas of your characters. I think Joe in shadow evokes his character.

Who did I imagine as Joe? Well, they’re all too old (and in one case, dead) to play him in the movie (there is no movie version, just a lowly author’s dream), but in my imagination Joe looks like a younger Cary Grant and has the swagger of Daniel Craig.

In A Blessed Plague, Joe uses his Hollywood connections to capitalize on the fears surrounding a plague outbreak in LA in the 1920s. He’s no dummy, our Joe. In my episode, the outbreak happens in 1927. In reality, it was 1924 (sorry, not sorry).

Joe invites his famous friends (and they invite their friends) to the Riverwood Lodge and Casino. As happens when you lose control of the invite list, someone isn’t as friendly as he should be. Let’s just say it’s not all fun and games in the redwoods. And a character I thought was long gone shows up again…

I hope you’re enjoying the series. On to Episode 5!