The Birthday Month

665483_4216112120049_1906982069_oGorgeous Gal’s birthday is today.

If you’re keeping track that’s my birthday, Little Sir’s and Gorgeous Gal’s all in August.

So it is with completely objectivity that I think August is one of the better months to have a birthday. The best people seem to be born in August.

Gorgeous Gal was due in September, but decided to come a week early. And from the beginning, she let us know things would never be as expected.

The nurse came in to send me home because “nothing was really happening” and then my water broke and Gorgeous Gal came in to the room with her blue eyes blinking at the bright lights about 2 hours later. The doctor had to run down the hall to make it in time.

She let us know someTHING might not be happening, but someONE surely was.

And here is a secret, I didn’t really know what to do with her at first. I knew how to care for a baby but I just couldn’t believe they let you walk out with a baby like that.

But then a few days later, she was sleeping in my lap and woke up and our eyes locked and it was from that moment that I knew I would was profoundly different.

Because I was a mom.

I had taken care of my sister and babysat and cared for cousins and ran kids’ care programs.

But Gorgeous Gal made me a mama.

And in all the very best ways, my life has never been the same.