The Long Lost Fabulous Friend Prayer

Rusty Nail

Well, in honor of the friend referenced in this post, I’ll order a rusty nail. But I just looked up the ingredients and I’m not sure I’m going to like it… I’d like a dirty martini on stand-by.

The Long Lost Fabulous Friend Prayer is the type of prayer when you realize maybe God knows what he’s doing after all. I’ve had times where I’ve wondered. I’ve had things happen that I just couldn’t imagine how it was going to work out.

But it did.

And there are a number of times where I honestly could look back and be grateful for those times because it all worked the way it needed to in order to give me the eventual future I wanted or hoped for.

I feel compelled to say this prayer because God knows how much I groused  when I wasn’t convinced of any good at all, ever. And by groused, I mean cried, demanded and occasionally shouted for it to be different.

So, when I’m blessed enough to see the end result come around and work out amazingly well– it is the least I can do to say a prayer acknowledging it (and apologizing for my tantrums). This may sound bad-mannered, but thankfully, I’m praying to GOD, so I know he can handle it (being the Creator and all).

This prayer is named for a good friend of mine from high school. Our friendship ended eons ago (okay, it was the 80’s).  I “found” him on Facebook a couple of years ago and we’ve renewed our friendship. We’ve shared our thoughts of those events”back in the day” and the events in our lives between then and now. And we’ve both agreed that the decades long gap in our friendship is pretty much how it needed to be in order for us to be the kind of friends we are now.

And it’s a friendship I treasure. But it is also the perfect example of how something really not great can end up working out to be great. Even great-er.

Thank God.