The Pill Box List

We’re all pretty familiar with the Bucket List. Those big ticket items. The ultimate “to do” list.

I like the concept because I’m in favor of something that makes you consider what you want to do here before…well, before you’re not here anymore.

But I’m more in a mind of the “pill box list” these days. Little things. I don’t need a bucket.

Just one of those little things with a tiny box for each day. So, I flip the lid with an “M” on it and dip inside to see what joys there are to find or make for that particular Monday. A daily dosage of joy.

Things like…

Missing rush hour traffic.

Getting a row to yourself on the airplane.

The begonia blooming.

Check one off the list!

An act of kindness.

The towel still smelling like the dryer sheet when you pull it from the cupboard.

The exact thing you wanted or needed. And on sale. Or, even better, free.

Growing your own Halloween pumpkin.

Making the perfect martini.

It’s about finding joys in a day. About feeling I’m really living each day, not waiting till I can fill (or afford) the whole damn bucket.

Some are silly. Some more serious. Some no one but me could appreciate.

But they are mine. My little joys. For today.

And then, tomorrow, I’ll flip the lid with the “T” and see what’s inside.