The Roaring Redwoods

LC_TheRoaringRedwoods_compressedThe Roaring Redwoods, Episode 1: Escape Plans IS available on Amazon!!!

Nook and iBook retailers will come, but I’m like the person showing you the new house before the paint is dry.

There are a couple of technical glitches, but it’ll smooth out. I’ll update this post with the specific links, but you can search the title or Leo Colson and it should come right up. (Apple is going to take longer, sorry. They hate my PC.)

This is my first time publishing like this and being the NON-techy person I am, every step has been quite a steep learning curve.

But here’s the thing: I have really liked it. This whole story idea is so different for me, the fact that the steps to publishing it have also been new fits. It’s all new.

I am nervous about feedback on the series though. Why? Because there are MEAN people. I am not super thin-skinned, but if someone says something terrible, I just don’t know how I’ll handle it. I like critique with the idea of making something better, but not all criticism is constructive. So, hopefully, people won’t be too awful or I’ll be able to take it. Maybe a little of both.

What is The Roaring Redwoods like? I’ve been describing it as Boardwalk Empire meets Downton Abbey in the 1920s California Redwoods. There is an ensemble cast primarily focused on Joe Santone, Helen Decker, Mei Xing Chen , and Shaw McLendon.  If published serials were rated like movies, this would be “R”. So, the more sensitive readers to violence and language may not want to read it.

I am using a pen name because this is such a departure from my usual fiction. I’m dipping my toe in and we’ll see how it feels before I dive in or dry off and go home for a cocktail by the fireplace.

The blog is going to be taken over a bit as things unfold. What that means is my topics will be as diverse as ever– now including behind the scenes info, short videos, and answering questions that come up.

Okay, now go buy Episode 1: Escape Plans!

*updated to include links