There’s no “y” in March

Japanese Calligraphy for "Compassion"I wanted to get a post in before the month is completely gone. I took a few weeks off… I was going to write the reasons why, but in keeping with the theme of this post: I’m not going to focus on the why. The why isn’t important.

Often, trying to figure out the why is only a way to delay and distract and confuse.

I find March confusing. Is it spring? Is it winter?  Is Easter going to be this month or next? Why does it feel like such a long month? Why does the time change?

And much more severely, what the hell happened in Japan? I mean, we know what happened. But why?  I don’t know why. I really don’t even know there is an answer for a why like that.  My mind can’t take it in, the images and stories are only glimpses of what real people are really suffering. As the tv news moves on to more important things like Lindsay Lohan changing her name, the people in Japan are still grappling with literal and figurative after shocks. Oh, and there’s still that minor little matter of a NUCLEAR MELTDOWN. There are some who are staggered by events like those in Japan and blame God. I don’t blame God. When my mind reels with the trauma happening there, I do turn to him.

I wish there was an explanation, but how can there be? There is no explanation that would make the events there sensible. There is no story someone can give me that is going to make me say “Oh, I get it now. That makes sense. It’s okay now.” So, I have to let go of the why. I have to stop being distracted by my brain’s desire for an answer to the why and instead focus my attention on my heart’s desire for compassion and healing.

whadayathink? How do you cope with the unanswerable why’s in life?