Five Things I Like About Being Old

Photo from Mass Panic (look at that cold glass!)

Well, it’s happening. I am officially getting old. Which is to say, things are happening to me that I remember only happening to old people. And you know, some of them aren’t so bad:

1- I get the front seat.  I went to Montana to my daughter’s graduation and was given the front seat as a courtesy (since I was old). We used to do that for my Grandmother. At first, I was like “No, you don’t have to.” And then I thought, “You know what? THANK YOU!”

2- I am too old for Tinder. I just saw a post about a rise in STDs because of Tinder. Ick. Ick. ICK. I am too old for that clap crap. I’m not too old for passion (God forbid!) but an app for casual sex? Ick.

3- I have cute reading glasses. I put it off. But I need the little readers. And you know- they’re cute. And they create a nice delay as I need to absorb new info. I was sitting in my divorce lawyer’s office and shocked by the papers in front of me. That little extra time to put on my glasses, gave me the moment I needed to collect myself. Which brings me to…

4- I can say what I want. I have always spoken my mind, but I am getting old enough where I am not being impertinent and it’s been happening long enough that people expect it. And I can even say things I always struggled with like “I was wrong.” “I forgot.” “I messed up.” “I’m sorry.” “I don’t know.” “I need time to think.” “No, that is not okay with me.” I say these things the world continues its spin regardless. Good stuff.

5- I can go to bed early. I am not sure if this is chronological age or maturity or what, but I feel no need to stay up late or show off any other ridiculous feats. I don’t need to get drunk. I don’t enjoy drama (unless it’s in a book or movie). I don’t want to hear the music so loud my ear drums throb. And if I’m tired? I don’t care if it’s 8:30– I’m going to bed.


What about you? Any upsides to aging you’ve discovered?