Through All of It

Grandpa Olson's Photos 005I feel the time has come for a new post, but can’t think of anything that is ready for a whole post… And some things filling my mind, aren’t ready to be shared. So?? I’m just going to meander…

There’s a fire in Gold Country right now. It’s bad. Grandma Smith’s family is from there and we spent a lot of time there. Even after I grew up, I continued to go there on my own, keeping the family roots thriving. It’s called Gold Country. I believe it’s for the way the sun hits the hills in summer, making the dun-colored hills glow with a light from the earth itself.  All the little towns…as I read of the evacuations, memories roll in of the candy store in Murphys, the Avery Hotel, Kenny’s ranch, Darby’s apple place (best apple donuts ever)… I pray for them and feel so sad for the losses.

There is some good stuff unfolding at work that makes me believe in God all over again. I hadn’t lost faith, but sometimes you forget how amazing God can work. How stuff just happens out of nowhere that is so beautiful, it is wonderful and slightly creepy.

The divorce isn’t final yet. I haven’t blogged much about the divorce. It’s still going on. I’m not struggling like I was, but it can still sneak up on me every once in a while. I’ve basically accepted I will never not think this is a huge sad waste of what “could have been”. And I can accept that and still move on into a new life. And be blessed beyond measure.

It’s Saturday. It’s Saturday morning as I write this. And I have plenty to do, but not one single thing is time-driven or even mandatory. And it is a profound and decadent feeling.

Cucumber Mojitos. I tried one at a local place recently. Oh my goodness. L-O-V-E-L-Y.

Through All of It. There’s a song with the lyric “And you’ve been my God through all of it.” That echoes deep. It resonates to the places where the cringing and eye twitching lives. http://