Toddler-like Faith (part 2)

Last Thursday, my post was why I think the Bible purposefully did not use the word “toddler” to describe our faith demeanor in Matthew 18.

So, this post is the other side of that coin. As a parent of a toddler, I think we could do pretty well to demonstrate a toddler-like faith.

Be Bold-Little Sir pushes anything green off his plate. So, what I mean about boldness is the idea that he is need driven. He needs a hug when he first wakes up in the morning. And from his nap. He is bold with it by throwing open his arms and launching himself at me. He knows he needs bubbles in his bath. He needs to take three cars to bed with him at night. He barrels out the door thrilled to be outside. He jumps off ledges and blasts off playground slides way too big for him with a boldness I admire. I think as I’ve aged, I’ve lost some of this boldness for life. Just pure fantastic amazing life. I’m like Mary Poppins with the sad thoughts ruining the tea party on the ceiling. Little Sir could party all day long. And I think that is a beautiful thing.

Be Humbled- I had the privilege of taking each of my children to the beach for the first time. And each time I watched them witness the ocean. My daughter ran to its edge, grabbed her stomach and stared with an appreciation for the majesty before her. She was awed. Humbled by magnificence. Little Sir ran to its edge, pointed out to the great blue expanse and shouted “Wow!”  The ocean. The redwoods. My children. My grandmas. Kindness. Service. Pure unadulterated (interesting word there, don’t you think) goodness.  We all could be more like toddlers and remember the AWEsomeness of God.

Don’t Learn Too Much From Your Owies- Little Sir has his share of bruises and scrapes. He jumps and doesn’t always land the way he thought. He’s had sand in his shoes and still runs for the sandbox. He has been bitten by a dog and still loves our Aspen without reserve (not the dog that bit him). He has eaten a mushroom. And he still will try something new (not mushrooms ,God bless him).  We’ve all had owies. And some of those owies of the heart are a lot worse than even a dog bite (and that was pretty bad). But, somehow, we have to let go of those and run for the sandbox. Try the weird thing on the plate. We have to let the bites heal and still love dogs. Still love.