Let’s Discuss: Valentine’s Day

Sunday is Valentine’s. I’m only blogging to say, I do not get that this is a big deal. There are all these articles about what to do if you’re single or heart-broken or… Really?

I mean, we all know this is some made up day, right? That it stopped being a big deal in elementary school when we had to make sure we had the right valentine from the box for the right kid in our class? Or, please tell me it stopped being a big deal after high school when you waited to see if you’d get a carnation delivered?

I’m single this “holiday”. I have plenty to do and the day is a blip. I’ve got a little gift for Little Sir and I’m going to make some kind of raspberry thing for dessert.

I’m not going to be crying or wallowing. I’ll save that for a real holiday.

Now, I’ve said “let’s discuss” and I’ve completely biased the discussion by dismissing the day (except for that raspberry dessert- that is going to be awesome).

But don’t let my prejudice put you off- what’s the deal? Is it a big day? Does it mean something for you?