We Don’t Get Vaccines for Good Stuff

This will not be my new front door.

DH and I just got some bad news. But let me back up to last night.

Last night I sat in the back at a talk given by Glenna Salsbury. I was there waiting until Books & Such Agency’s get-together started. I almost didn’t go because MY agent was not going to be there and I wasn’t actually attending the conference so I knew it could be awkward.

I usually avoid intentional awkwardness as life seems to present it spontaneously plenty enough.

I mainly went because I had been griping about not getting to do any writer-ly things lately (lots of great friends got to go to conferences this month) so DH nudged me to go.  I got there early and sat in to hear the talk before the reception started.

Glenna spoke on setting goals and moving through life with confidence in a big powerful God. Living without fear.

I felt this big sense of Remember that? Like a booster shot. Not stuff I didn’t know, but stuff I had lost track of for a while.

When I lived in Costa Rica I got Measles. Bad. I had to be quarantined. At some point I had the Measles vaccine, but since so many years had passed, I should have had a booster. And I did not. So instead of a sore spot in my arm, I got really sick all over for two weeks.

Last night was like a booster shot of faith. Confidence in God’s goodness and provision. Fearlessness. Patience.

Little did I know, I would need all the immunity I could get with  today’s news that our home purchase is not going through. Pretty much due to a bank error (6 years ago!), our loan can not be approved right now and the Sellers need to move on. So we are out.

And I am disappointed. And frustrated. But my shot from last night seems to be holding.

This is a (difficult) setback.  For today. But it’s just a sore arm.