We’re Here Y’all

Y’all! We’ve made it to Texas! We had a great road trip which I’ll blog about later, but the big news is…WE ARE HERE.

It’s been a week since we crossed the state line and it’s been a bit of a whirlwind as I move from one thing to the next to get our life established here. There’s plenty to do and “settled” and “established” and “moved” (past tense) will take quite a while yet, but “unfolding” is very much a part of our vocabulary.

As we were on the road, Little Sir referred to us as the Adventurers. And now that we’re here, that description still fits.

Right now, life still feels like a jumble with a lot of puzzle pieces still in the box, but I also feel like we’ve got the framework together and know what we’re aiming for.

In anticipation of some questions:

Yes, it still feels right. When you make a decision this big and different, it’s so helpful to have it affirmed along the way and upon arrival. In big and little ways, our new life continues to evolve in a lovely “falling into place” sort of way. There are still a couple of tricky pieces we’re waiting on, but that’s what prayer is for.

Yes, we have eaten barbecue. For the record, barbecue in Texas is its own style of food, not a method of cooking. And if you have not been here and have not eaten it at a non-franchise, you have not had it. Barbecue is brisket, ribs, sausage, beans, greens, potato salad, etc. And, hopefully, peach cobbler. And if it’s a good place, it’s embarrassingly good. I say embarrassed because I am embarrassed by how much I can eat.

No, we haven’t had fried catfish. We will. We definitely will.

Yes, I’ve gotten lost. But the Waze app is a life saver and today I made it back to our town without its help. Every errand is part task and part exploration. It’s just part of the deal when you make a move like this.

Yes, people are as nice as the rumors would have you believe. Though I think this is partly the accent. It just sounds friendlier, but there are ways of greeting and interacting here that are not the norm in California. And those ways are warm, friendly, and delightful.

Yes, the weather is as unpredictable as the rumors would have you believe. Our first day, it was in the 90s. The very next day, the 60s. Then a couple of 70s-80s and today thunderstorms. There’s a rhythm to it, I just have no idea what it is.

Yes, everything is bigger in Texas. I’m not sure about better, but there is something infectious and adorable about the state pride here. Don’t mess with Texas, y’all. Seriously, I wouldn’t. Everyone has a gun.

No, we’re not really saying y’all. Yet. It seems inevitable for LIttle Sir and while I resisted it the years I lived in Texas previously, I think I’m going to go for it. I mean, if we’re in, let’s go all in.

No, we don’t miss California. Well, I do miss the Mexican food. We have it here, but it is definitely different from what I prefer. It’s good, but it is not what I crave when I crave Mexican food. But that Texas-style brisket is sooo good, it assuages the longing for carne asada. For now.

Of course we miss some things– actually, we only miss people so far, but we’re still caught up in the grand adventure of this new place and all the new new new, so the missing hasn’t set in. And while people can’t be replaced, we came here knowing some folks so that’s tempered our missing too. Plus it’s only been a week. And we’re going back for Thanksgiving.

Yes, we’re loving it. Yes, we’re happy. Yes, this is feeling good.