What do you think?

I’m cheating this week because I don’t have a post ready and the time set aside to get one ready got used up by something else.  But here is something I want to share and get your feedback.

As you might recall, I live in a forest, work from home and parent a toddler so my exposure to the broader world is limited.

So, here’s my question. Look at this picture:

I’m not picking on  Jennifer Lawrence (girl from Hunger Games), you’ll see this pose in SO many photos.

This pose is meant to make your hips look thinner. The idea is you cross your feet like that and turn a bit so one hip bone is pointed towards the camera to create a slimmer line.

But doesn’t it just look like she is in desperate need of a bathroom?

In other ponderings this week, why do we say “that’s my two cents worth” and yet only offer a “penny for your thoughts”? It seems egotistical to think our own thoughts are worth DOUBLE someone else’s.

Your thoughts on both these issues appreciated. Have a blissed week.