What if?

What if?

How do you answer that question? What ending do you give to the big daring What ifs in life?

Me? I’m a mixed bag. I have often answered it with a shrug of what’s the worst that can happen or a grin of go big or go home.

You might think I’d never answered it with a shudder and a clench of no way, no how, no thank you.

But I have.

Years ago, I went to audition for a play and could not get out of my chair when my name was called. But I wouldn’t leave because that would mean getting out of my chair. So I sat there and waited for everyone else to answer the what if question differently.

I have been in numerous plays (before and since). Why couldn’t I get out of my seat that day? Because this particular play meant I would also have to sing and dance.

Neither of which I had ever done on a stage. Ever.

It wasn’t hard, it wasn’t a musical. It was just a small part of the entire show and I wouldn’t be alone, but, oy, the singing and the dancing!

What if…I fell. Croaked. Sung off key. Missed a step. What if someone in the audience noticed how much worse I was than everyone else…

And I stayed in my chair.

I don’t regret not being in the play. I do regret not auditioning.

Not being able to answer the question differently that night.

What if…I met great people. Had a good time. Learned something new. What if no one noticed that I wasn’t so great at the singing and dancing part. What if they did and I didn’t care…

Because the thing is…those answers are made up. It’s a story you’re making up. I had no idea if I would fall any more than if I’d do just fine. I didn’t even know if I would get a part.

So I’ve decided to sing and dance.

Just kidding. No.

I’ve decided to make up the answers to what if to have endings that at least include the possibility of not falling. Because go big or go home. You have to get out of the chair either way.