Why I Drink 8 Cups of Coffee a Day

I make an Eight cup pot of coffee. Just for me. Every day.

Horrified? Worried for my kidneys?

First, I do not think an eight cup pot of coffee is actually eight CUPS. I think coffee pots use some alternate universe kind of cup measurement. And the standard coffee mug is bigger than 8 oz.

And I like the coffee to taste like COFFEE rather than strong tea.

Still worried?

So, I have a 20 month old (or almost two in case you haven’t had your coffee and don’t think in months). Here’s how it goes:

Get up before Little Sir and make pot of coffee. Pour first cup. Before first SIP, baby is awake. Navigate diaper change and dressing. Take care of pets. Go to make breakfast. Can’t find cup, pour new one.

Make breakfast. Sit down with baby to eat breakfast. Baby drops fork and while I’m up getting a new fork, he grabs my cup and spills it.

Ensure baby is not scalded (he’s not), hand baby new fork. Pour new cup of coffee.

Baby is done with breakfast. I have managed to drink a half of a cup of coffee.

I let dog in and clear breakfast plates.  I decide I will sit down and enjoy “another” cup of coffee before getting in shower and on with the day. I find hot wheel in cup.

I pour myself new cup of coffee. I sit down and drink approximately half before baby, dog, cats or my to-do list beckons. I take rest of coffee with me to bathroom thinking I will drink as I am getting ready. Doesn’t that sound lovely? It sounds so grown up and spa-like.

Well, who wants to drink coffee after freshly brushed teeth?

I turn coffee pot off, fill with cold water and pour dregs on plants.

I leave the house to go about my day and stop to buy a cup of coffee.