Worst, Best (Halloween Edition)

When my older kids were younger, we used to a play a game around the dinner table where everyone shared the best and worst thing about their day. It was a good non threatening way to start conversations. We end with the “best” to wrap up on a high note.

In hopes of it being a good and non threatening starter here, I’m going to be doing some “Best, Worst” posts. Hope you will share yours too.

Halloween Costume

Photo credit: fantasycostumes.com

Worst–I think every single Halloween of my childhood I asked for a princess costume. My mother was a great seamstress and I just knew she could make me the dress of my dreams. Well, never happened. But one year I thought she was really making it and was crushed when she told me there was no costume. Not just no princess costume, but no costume whatsoever. I was around 6 and writing this short paragraph brings up the utter devastation I felt at this news. I ended up wearing one of her dresses and wigs so as not to end up candy-less.

Best– As a former drama kid and writer, the idea of costumes and make believe did not cease with adulthood.  My first year out of high school, I was working at a retirement home and we were supposed to dress up. My Grandma made me a rabbit costume: gray flannel and pink velour tummy and pink velour in the lining of the ears. It was a great costume.  I also drove a VW Rabbit. I had so much fun wearing that costume. And it definitely wins for being the most comfortable. Another best I want to sneak in, I dressed up as a gangster’s moll. I was in my early 30’s. I stopped at a grocery store to pick up cocktail ingredients for the party I was attending. AND I GOT CARDED. AND HE WAS SERIOUS. I’m sure it was the hat, but still. It counts.

So, come on, tell yours!