You Big Silly

There are so many silly drinks out there. One I happen to like is a mimosa. I just find it kind of silly to drink alcohol at breakfast. But because it has orange juice in it and comes in a champagne flute- all righty then. Silly does not mean I’m sayin’ no. You Big Silly!

The title of this post is from an old friend who used this as one of her catch phrases.  We’ve lost touch other than the annual Christmas card, but I still use this phrase.

April Fool’s Day is a funny concept. It’s like scheduled spontaneity. We’re gonna be funny, goofy and embrace our foolishness, but we’re going to schedule it.

I have just a few sillies to share–

Silly song that I adore: My Baby Whistles When She Walks by Antsy McClain and the Trailer Park Troubadours

Just a bit of the lyrics: My baby whistles when she walks.
But it’s not because she’s happy.
No, there’s a cool breeze blowin outside. And she’s had a lot of body piercing.

Best practical joke I was part of: The Great Ugly Portrait Shenanigans of 1998-99 that I can’t fully disclose as the statute of limitations has not run out. But trust me, we laughed SO hard.

Best house keeping advice I have to offer: Never feed your children anything at the table that your dog won’t eat off the floor.

Why I don’t have a career in advertising: I do not understand why commercials think having the food alive and talking is appealing.

And in celebration of allergy season: When I’m healing from a sinus infection, I swear I can smell the inside of my nose.

Hope you all embrace your own silliness (regardless of the calendar) and any Big Sillies in your lives.