Your Path, My Path

As my life continues to unfold in unexpected ways– and I continue to move from peace to panic– so many people have had counsel and experiences to share. And I’ve wanted it all to be true for me. I could not wait until how it worked out for them worked for me!

And today I kind of hit a wall because it just wasn’t happening.

Simultaneously, what was happening just seemed wrong. It wasn’t how it went for others. It wasn’t how it was in the books I read or what other people thought should be happening.

And WORST of all, it’s not how *I* would do it– or wanted it done.

But we’re talking God. Creator. Head Honcho of the Universe. He doesn’t respond to the best of my efforts to “manage up”.

I believe God created us in his image. Our diversity resembling all the facets of God (and migration, adaptation, etc).

In that same vein, God acts in our lives in all different ways. I don’t think there is one instance in the Bible where God communicated the same way twice. Well, maybe dreams a couple of times. I’m not writing a scholarly article here. But think about it– burning bushes, falling water, whales, angels, dreams, voices from the sky…the list goes on.

God is nothing if not diverse. In his creation (waving at you, platypus), and his communication.

And that goes for what he wants for us and how he leads us.

So your path is yours. And mine is mine.

And they’re both right! Well, I don’t know about yours. It looks a little askew if you ask me…


Seriously, all Romans says is God works for our good. He doesn’t say for THIS KIND of good. So my good may look– well, terrible to you. And right back at ya’, buddy! Keep your good way over there if you please.

And my good, well, yes, I’ll admit, it looks a little wonky to me too sometimes.

I read something today about trusting God that he knows what he’s doing in someone else’s life.

And this reverberated with me all day. Because if I’m going to trust he knows what he’s doing in your life, I damn sure better trust he knows what he’s doing in mine.

So I paid close attention to what he’s doing in mine and turns out I DO LIKE MY PATH. I think this is gong to work out!

On that note, what do I have to say about all our various paths?

Safe journey, my friend.