You’re not the Boss of Me

So I’m back to work. And I love it. It’s been a few months and it’s a big adjustment and I’m still working out all the logistics, but it’s great.

One thing that helps make this job so great is having a good boss. I know it’s early, but I think she will go down as one of the best.

I have not always been so blessed.


But there comes a certain point (with time and distance) that makes me realize how much I’ve learned from even the bosses that (and I say this with utmost love and respect) were COMPLETE WHACKADOOS.

Here are a few of the lessons I’ve learned from those bosses:

There is No Time for Mind Games: My first job was in a fast food place and the manager would hide a piece of trash and if we didn’t find it during clean up, she’d pretty much freak out. My failure to find the decoy dirt was the day I quit.

Don’t Be a MatchMaker: I had one boss who I socialized with outside of work and really liked. I guess she liked me too and she tried to set me up with two of her brother in laws (her husband’s brothers). One was gay and the other was schizophrenic. The lack of a love connection soured our friendship and the workplace. This job wins second place for my most favorite job to leave.

Temper Temper: One boss lost her temper (and most of her mind) when we were running a summer camp and two boys were fighting. She broke up the fight and tied them to a flag pole. I mean, she was skipping around them in a circle, singing as she tied them up. Yes, she was fired.

Know Your Limits: I traveled with one boss that drank so much I had to help her back to her hotel room. On this same trip she told me she was jealous of my cleavage. Now, I do have good cleavage, but it wasn’t quite the comment I expected from a boss. But it certainly wasn’t the strangest thing that I ever had a boss do…

Keep Your Shoes On: By the far the strangest experience I had with a boss was when he made a pass. I was stupid enough at the time to “catch it” but then he excused himself to the bathroom and came out stark naked. Blessedly, the phone rang and I was able to excuse myself. And just to be clear, I never even took my shoes off. And, yes, this job wins first place for my most favorite to leave.

Lessons come from the strangest places and those strange places (and people) make the best stories.