Love is many splendored. And sucks.

I’m writing this in the morning so I’ll have a bloody mary. At a place that makes their own mix and garnishes with pickled green beans and celery. And let’s not kid around with a small glass, please.

We come to the end of February and the end of my love-themed posts. I want my parting commentary on love to be important. And what I want to say is this:

Love is wonderful.

Love sucks.

Usually not at the same time. Which is probably why we’re hooked. There are those times when love is so wonderful, it makes the songs, poems and greeting cards sound like understatements. And then there are times when love sucks so hard you’d like to set fire to those same sentiments.

I have been a foster parent. Believe you me, that has been wonderful. And that has sucked like a turbo-powered Hoover.

I am a parent. I am a writer. I am a wife.  The love I feel for my teens, infant, words and Darling Husband is real, true and constant. But it’s gotta be said, it sucks too.

And what about loving God? Wonderful? Yes, of course. Sucks? Oh, yea.

Honestly, it’s not God or the people that suck. And while, yes, some times it is the words that suck, the “delete” button handles that. What sucks about love, is all that comes with it.

Worrying about your teens to only have them sigh and roll their eyes sucks. It sucks to hold the baby during his immunizations. It sucks when Darling Husband and I have “one of those days”. It sucks when God refuses to act like my personal genie.

So why stick with it? Why continue to love? I not only continue to love; I grow that love and marvel at that love. Because to see my teens prove my worry unnecessary is breathtaking. To have my baby reach for my cheek and pull me forward to give me a smiling, slobbery kiss is soul stirring. To have those times when Darling Husband  and I are so in sync we could waltz without lessons is astonishing.

And God? Breathtaking, soul stirring and astonishing? Yes.

Whadayathink? What about love is wonderful? And what sucks? Why do you stick with it?