Best, Worst: Romance

Happy Valentine’s Day. Did I sound sincere? I do wish you a happy Valentine’s day, but have a hard time saying it with a straight face. It’s such a manufactured cheesy day, but it’s not like I want to wish you a bad Valentine’s day.

When I first started this blog, I did a series on love for the month of February. Here is a sample

For today, I’m keeping it simple. The best and worst of Romance. Not just Feb 14, romance in general.

I gotta’ say, I’ve been blessed. I’ve had some lovely gestures made on my behalf.  I was in a long distance relationship and flying home. Which, if you’ve been in such a relationship, you know how brutal the departure can be. After saying goodbye at the gate, I was buckling myself in to my seat on the plane when the flight attendant brought me a bouquet of roses that my boyfriend-of-the-time had bought at one of the airport gift shops and ran to the door of the plane before it closed (pre 9/11 when you could still do such things).  Another, I came home to flowers in every room of the house with love notes attached. I like smaller gestures too. The note on the bathroom mirror. Coming home early. The diamond necklace presented before you head off to work. Yes, that happened. He saw it and thought of me. So glad to come to mind when you’re looking at diamonds! But it’s not just diamonds (or any kind of gift) that can stir my heart, I’ve had great moments shopping for plywood and a mid-day phone call “just because”. My love language is thoughtful gestures so most of the time “it’s the thought that counts” is going to win lots of points. Though let’s be honest, if he only thought of diamonds, it would not be as much fun.

The best Valentine’s Day is when you feel so loved all year that February 14 is just another day.

Now the worst. One time I was given heart shaped ear rings. I know that sounds ungrateful, but I don’t wear hearts. I mean, it’s a THING with me that I don’t wear hearts (kinda like my mushroom thing). I honestly thought he was trying to break up with me. Later, when we really did break up, I sent them back and he re-gifted them to a niece. Another time, someone made an incredible romantic effort and as I gushed my thanks told me he’d arranged the evening only because he was too broke to do anything else. That killed the moment. But the very worst was a date I was on with a seemingly lovely person who leaned over during dinner to ask me to flirt with the man next to him to make the other man envious. My date’s father! I shuddered and gagged a little just now remembering it.

The worst of Valentine’s Day is when it feels like someone just checked a box, good that’s done.

Okay…be brave. Share yours!