About Charise Olson

I’m a California girl, but have also lived in Texas and Costa Rica. Which means I can say “you guys” and “y’all” interchangeably. I also can use “tu” and “usted” reliably. I never have gotten the hang of “vos”.

My salaried jobs have been in social services and education.  I have made a living with “real” words as a business, curriculum, and grant writer. I wrote my first novel many years ago when I sat down at the keyboard to “just get it out of my head”, and because I had no cable.


 Other Random Information About Me

1. I have a “texture thing” with food.  Mushrooms for instance <insert shudder here>. Guanabana fruit is another– I like the flavor, but not that texture. I have recently overcome my issue with sliced avocado (I always liked guacamole). I do eat sushi, but not sashimi which I think of as attractive bait.

2. I love going to the dump.  I love seeing who else is there and all their junk. I love throwing my stuff into the bins. I do wish they could do something about the smell. And everyone is nice at the dump. It’s true! I have never met a grouchy person there. Ever.

3.  I once owned alpacas. I have never owned a reptile. I am a dog person, but don’t tell my cats.

4. In another life I specialized in cooperative games for K-6th graders. You’d be amazed what I can do with a parachute and a ball (and a group of kids). I even got one of the games featured on a Disney Channel show. But that one involved beach towels.

5. When I was in first grade, I wanted to be Barbara, Deborah, or Tiffany. I hated my first name. It was too weird and different.  Now I like it. For the exact same reasons.