Church for Christmas

Like a bunch of people, I went to church at Christmas time. If by church, we mean a place to be reminded of the sacred. And to express gratitude. And to hear God’s message in between the noise this season can bring. I hadn’t gone to this church before. It was pretty good.

The lighting effects were impressive.





The choir was all decked out and sounded amazing. The splendor of their voices and the orchestra supporting them made me smile and hum along in gratefulness for this season. For the baby in Bethlehem.









I did get some funny looks from the regulars.

There were plenty of moments where I was humbled by the power of a Creator revealing himself to humanity in a whole new way. There were awesome and yet, so simple demonstrations that made me know- without a doubt- of his love for me. And for you.



I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.