If Life is a Stage…When are the Auditions?

If the world is a stage, this seems like a really small door.

Is it too late to write about New Year’s and the opportunity it gives us for reflection and renewal? Is it just me or doesn’t the First feel like we all take one big breath and sigh out “Fresh Start”?

But here we are, the first month half gone. Is the newness wearing off ? Anne Lamott says we get a fresh start every 24 hours, any time we want. We can stop right this second and get a fresh start. We don’t have to wait for the morning, Monday or next New Year’s Day.

Thank goodness for that.

So after I blogged about having more fun for 2013, I visited Rachelle’s blog and she had this post about our roles in life and how she’s going to own her role as a leader.

I loved this post and it had me thinking for days.

Not the leader part, the “role” part.

A bit of the Elvis song Are You Lonesome Tonight went, “You know someone said that the world’s a stage. And each must play a part.”

I think this idea of roles goes well with my Have More Fun theme for 2013. I have some roles I want to take on and others I want to give up.

So, Fun Loving is a role I am going for. And it is MINE! For goodness sake, I have all ready skipped.

I’m giving up the role of  Mrs. Other People’s Problem Solver. It is a wonderful role and one, God knows, I have taken on with gusto. But it is time to let it go.

I’m giving up Miss Perfect Know It All too. To be honest, the bloom was off that rose a long time ago, but as with a lot actresses, I just didn’t want to face the truth that no one was buying it.

I’m also turning down roles that have been offered. “Suffering and Downtrodden” is a major role and so many are desperate to get that part and milk it for all its worth, but it’s just not right for me. So, thanks, but no thanks.

There are other roles I am not so crazy about, but I’ll do my best with the material provided. I was once cast as an airhead in a production of Death of a Salesman. Not my favorite role by far, but the dress I got to wear was wonderful and the director handsome, so it was fine in the end.

I used to have a sign that said “Life is Not a Dress Rehearsal”. I got rid of it a long time ago when I made a new year’s resolution against cliches. But you know what they say about cliches…


(January is Elvis’ birth month (the 8th). This version does not include the line above, but is still very enjoyable. Watching it, I think he forgot the lyrics. But does it matter when you look like that? My goodness that boy was handsome.)