Are We Having Fun Yet?

Have I mentioned that New Year’s Day is my favorite holiday? I think I might have said 4th of July is my very favorite, but I do love me some New Year’s Day too.

I love the whole renewal thing and there’s still some Christmas spirit hanging around and there’s just a feeling of




Do you make resolutions?

I do not. The whole idea does not work for my personality. As soon as I even begin the thought of a resolution, I fail. My inner rebel takes over and just refuses to  try with a snarled lip and teenager’s sigh of “Oh yea, who’s going to make me?”

I know some people that focus on one word for the new year. I tried that, but it didn’t work for me. Last year I thought my word was Serenity. Turns out it was Surrender. And I did not do so with anything resembling Serenity.

So I’m not doing the word thing anymore.

My agent said something good about thinking about what you want to do and tying it to the emotion behind the effort you want to make.That is so smart!

I don’t do that either.

I think of something good I want more of. One year it was take more risks. One year it was travel. Another eat more exotic foods (not mushrooms).

My thinking goes like this: Life gets so full of all the stuff we must do and even a lot of should dos. There are so many demands. It’s easy to lose sight of the big picture. The stuff we know we’ll get to the end of our life and regret not having had more of.

So this year I have decided to HAVE MORE FUN.


I do not naturally play. My kids never mistook me for their friend. I was always The Mom. My sense of humor isn’t even playful, it is sarcastic (I’m sure that’s shocking news). And the last few years have been really limited on fun.

So this Have More Fun thing is really good for me.

It may be a small moment where I play legos with Little Sir instead of washing the dishes. Or it may be a funny picture I send to Gorgeous Gal. Or it may be a day at the beach. Or it may be hiring a babysitter so I can write beyond nap time each day. Or… big or small, I am having more fun in 2013.

On New Year’s Day this year, Little Sir and I went for a walk in the Redwoods (one of my favorite places on earth) and when it was just him and I on the trail, I did something.

This is right before the skipping.

I skipped.

Yes, me.

Actual skipping.

Little Sir burst out laughing and shouting and chased me down the trail. Rays of sun dappled the path and the creek was rushing by with new waterfalls from all the rain.

It was so fun!

What are your plans for 2013?