Kindergarten: What the what?!

So Little Sir started Kindergarten last week. He loved it. Every bit of it.

He is going to an Orthodox Christian school. We attend an Episcopal church, but the school is nearby and excellent and– as we’ve covered— I’m pretty inclusive when it comes to denominations.

But there have been a couple of WHAT?! moments.

First day:

Me: How was school?

Little Sir: Great! We went to prayers and rubbed ourselves.

Me: What? (calmly with no trace of the bafflement or concern coursing through my brain)

Little Sir: Well, the teacher said to watch what the older kids were doing and they were rubbing themselves so I rubbed myself.

Me: What?! (not quite as calmly). Show me how they did it.

Little Sir: (Makes the sign of the cross)

Me: I am telling this story forever.

Today he told me about the guy going into the class rooms and sprinkling water everywhere and it was CRAZY! CRAZY!

He made it sound like some sort of wild assembly with a squirt gun until I realized he was talking about the priest blessing the class rooms with holy water.

So, one week down, and we’re learning lots.