So Many Denominations So Little Time Part 2

file3181278525287I did this part one post a long time ago. As I mentioned, I have have experienced quite a few denominations. That first post was on one of the dominant  ones: LDS. My parents met and married in an LDS church and I have a lot of family who belong to that particular branch of the faith tree.

But I have some much briefer experience with others.

We attended a Covenant church. I had to look this one up. As far as I know, I think we attended because it was in the neighborhood. The biggest thing that happened for me there was I got my own Bible. They had them out for free. It was probably the beginning of my love of free swag.

But that Bible was The Good News. It had this kind of garish burnt orange cover. I don’t know what happened to it. I probably got rid of it when I went through my atheist phase.

But years later, my friend Alicia bought me a Bible and it was the same one–new, not the actual same one–with the SAME garish cover. And that one I still have, highlighted, thumbed, clutched with hope, and yes, occasionally dusty, but always much appreciated.

I attended a Methodist church once. I remember being so caught off guard by the minister’s garments, I have no idea what was said. It was my first time seeing a church leader in a “uniform”. I doubt that’s why we didn’t go back, but if it had been put to a family vote, that was my concern (I was 10).

My father in law is a retired Methodist minister and the first church I attended with his son was Methodist (that will get its own post). So maybe this brief introduction to a faith leader in a dress softened me up for what was to come.

I attended an Assembly of God church a few times. Wow. That was a BIG experience in a short time. There was so much different. It is outside my comfort zone to be that demonstrative. Speaking in tongues is so far out of my comfort zone, that you can’t even see my comfort zone from there. I did see one of the best Christmas programs ever at that church. They had to have had about 100 people in that show. And those AG folks are some praying folks. They pray over every thing. They also really appreciate the usual “step child” of the trinity: The Holy Spirit. It’s kinda weird and wonderful all at the same time.

I think each of these gave me a few cents towards the wealth of faith I would later have.

So while their individual contributions to my faith history were small, they all add up.