So Many Denominations, So Little Time, Part 3

(Part one is here and Part two is here. This is a randomly appearing series on the different church denominations that have influenced my faith journey.)

file3181278525287One denomination I have a very cursory, but important association with is Catholic. In my high school years in Texas, we lived across the street from a Catholic church. It was not an old one, but still a dominant presence there on the top of its hill. Each Christmas they put up a wooden cut out of a nativity and then put a spotlight on it, making the reach of that image much larger through the use of light.

You see what I did there, right? (Reach, Light…)

My sister married a man who was Catholic and she converted. I was the maid of honor in their wedding. It was a stunning church.

You might argue with all sorts of things, but I don’t think you can really argue that Catholics build some beautiful churches.

I used to be really un-nerved by all the STUFF Catholics have. The statues, the saints, the gold, the really graphic Jesus (gaunt, bleeding)…it’s a lot to take in for someone coming from a primarily Mormon and Baptist indoctrination.

So at the wedding, the priest gave the homily (which always sounds like hominy to me) and it was so profound about how spouses serve one another each and every day. About living out the Biblical verses about love and service to one another.

And I thought two things simultaneously:

1- That is so beautiful.

2- I am so NOT ready for that.

I was dating someone at the time and thought I wanted to get married. Until I heard that message. After my sister’s wedding, I called him and let him know not to get any ideas for a while.

We were both relieved.