Wait for It

Yellow_Medicine_RiverMy other post was more of a downer than I intended. A couple days after I posted it, I had a sort of break through with the particular issue I was in turmoil over. Not any resolution, but a shift in my perspective.

And I’m not going to blog about that because there are all sorts of blogs about changing your view and remembering Jesus and finding the sunbeams and roses amidst the clouds and thorns.

So, if that is the encouragement you need, I’ll find some links for those blogs (not really, just Google).

What I want to say is, wait for it. It will come.

The Bible has plenty of stories of triumph. But there are also stories of people who were afraid and hopeless And mad. Which says to me: God can handle it. All.

All of it.

The nice tidy bits. And the messy parts too.

river_1And I think some of these feelings are just part of what we go through. I’ll get to the hopeful encouraging part, but first I’m going through the WHY IS THIS HAPPENING and I CAN’T STAND THIS and LET’S EAT CHOCOLATE parts.

I was thinking I would say, I wish I could be different.

But you know, I find those other kinds of people who go right to the patient, serene and wise place kind of annoying.

I like the people who say “me too” and “I don’t know why it is happening, but I’m here for you through all of it” and “here is where chocolate is on sale, I’ll drive you.”

This month and my theme of gratitude in the difficult times is over. Thank Goodness! Because it’s hard.

Grandpa Olson's Photos 005And that’s what I really wanted to say all month: It is hard. And it’s okay that it’s hard. And the smallest rays of light are good. And enough. And you will get there. And others can help.