Why 4th of July is the Best Holiday

I love the Fourth of July more than any other holiday. It seems so Free.

Free from religious controversy
Free from family politics
Free from gift giving anxiety

And there are fireworks.

I just don’t know how bad a day can be if it is most noted for barbecue, patriotism, and fireworks.

Here are a few of my greatest Fourth memories:

In the olden days, my hometown of Stockton held their Fourth celebration at Legion park. Families were blanket to blanket and picnics waiting for it to be dark enough to light the sky. My relatives all would trickle in and I have no idea how we found each other given the crowd and non existence of cell phones. Family must have a honing device in our DNA strands like pigeons finding each other when it really matters. And when it involves good food.

Traveling with my grandparents cross country and on the actual 4th being somewhere in Kansas or maybe it was Nebraska? All we had was a hillside behind the motel and sparklers my Grandma had tucked in the camping van. Grandma Schroeder knew how to bring the party. Proof that fun is what you make of it.

In high school, riding on the back of my then boyfriend’s motorcycle up to the highest point we could find in Burleson, Texas (in Texas it’s an easy find) to watch the fireworks. I think one of the best way to survive Texas’ humidity is on a motorcycle.

In Costa Rica explaining the day to my Tico family. The mom fried chicken and we ate it with mangoes from the tree in the front yard. We went to the river and let it and all the deliciousness rush over us surrounded by wild orchids and coffee plants. It’s probably the best a 4th could be without fireworks.

In 2007, DH and I somehow ended up kidless on the Fourth. We knew that just a few days later, we’d be adding two children to our home. We lay on the blanket, listening to the band and waiting for fireworks, eating bad BBQ and dreamed of parenting four kids. Fireworks and new dreams go so well together.

This year…

Would love to hear any of your special red, white, blue hazed memories. And wishes for a great one this year.