2015: The Great Unfolding

ID-1002262832015 is wrapping up.

Plenty of people will tell you it feels so fast. I don’t feel that. I do feel New Year’s snuck up on me a bit, but not quickly.

January of 2015 feels like a long time ago.


I felt 2015 would be the Great Unfolding.

And it really was.

In ways I expected. Gorgeous Gal graduated from college. Little Sir started kindergarten. I got served with divorce papers. I got a full time day job.

And in ways I didn’t. I reconnected with my Dad. I had family show up in ways I didn’t think happened in my family. I had much more grieving of my marriage to do than I realized. Turns out that new job was not going to be the fit I hoped for when I accepted it.

It was not a welcome change, but yet I find myself strangely fascinated and peaceful about this empty space. What will go there? What will that be like? How long will it be empty?
I have this phrase hanging on my bulletin board: If God is asking you to put something down, it’s because he has something better for you to pick up.

Well, then.

It certainly introduces an exciting 2016.