A Bit About My Miracle

This is not the day I planned. And you know I am a planner.

Ten years ago today-about this time (7:00am)- I was doubled over in gratitude to God for the blessings unfolding and the man I would walk down the aisle to meet at the front of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church. This year, I was not planning any gratitude.

Ten years. A milestone that would pass in silence. It would be the last one for this  marriage a judge would end in February, but had been over for a couple of years. The property was split, the custody plan settled and papers signed. The rings off.

So my plans for today involved kleenex and peanut butter and chocolate ice cream. But then…

But then, the man I had walked towards just a bit faster than I was supposed to- the man I had known was Mine after 3 weeks of dating- the man who I had not seen in so long even when I was looking right at him- appeared in my living room.

And he asked me to dinner.

And I said no.

But he asked again.

And I said no.

But I said he could ask again.

And he did.

And I said yes.

And a lot more questions were asked and answered. Of him. Of God. Of me.

And today is not the day I planned.

Today is full of gratitude to God for something that only He could have seen coming.

Today is full of love for this man who is my husband. And while I am not devout enough to thank God for these past years of pain and destruction. I can say- if that is what it took to get here- to get to today- to get this miracle…

Well, okay (with a caveat prayer of pleading to not have to experience that again).

Maybe that is the real definition of a miracle? When Goodness, Light and Love comes out of NOWHERE and ruins your plans.